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Sweet Things

I used to rate a restaurant on the quality of its crème brûlée and the best, in my opinion, was at the Pony and Trap in Chew Magna who made a crème brûlée with passion fruit. However, even though I love my crème brûlée, the best dessert that I remember was from Letonies who filled an egg shell with cream and a mango sauce served with shortbread soldiers as a child, this was magical.


The perfect end to a meal

  • Apple tarte tatin

  • Baked apples

  • Bay ice cream

  • Chocolate roulade

  • Chocolate truffles

  • Chocolate tart with hazelnut, rosemary and orange 

  • Chocolate and rosemary pots

  • Crème caramel with caramel shards

  • Crostata di fiche (fig tart) 

  • Crunchy apple or rhubarb or plum crumble tart 

  • Grilled plums with blackberries, mascarpone and brown sugar

  • Hot chocolate soufflé 

  • Lemon verbena Crème Brûlée

  • Nigella Lawson’s fig ice cream

  • Poached rhubarb with orange 

  • Poached pears in white wine and cardamom

  • Stove top crème brulee 

  • Vanilla ice cream

  • White chocolate cardamom mousse 

  • Yogurt panna cotta with basil and crushed strawberries

Patisseries, cakes and biscuits

Treat yourself (or others)

  • Almond and cardamom tea cake

  • ‘Anzac’ biscuits (aka Honey oat and raisins cookies) 

  • Banana cake 

  • Blood orange and olive oil cake 

  • Cinnamon raisin buns 

  • Cinnamon beignets with hot chocolate sauce 

  • Chocolate espresso cake

  • Clementine and almond syrup cake 

  • Dark chocolate and cardamom tart

  • Flapjacks

  • Hot cross buns

  • Individual fruit tarts 

  • Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen chocolate brownies

  • Lemon tart

  • Lavender oat biscuits 

  • Lori’s chocolate midnight cake

  • Marigold biscuits 

  • Milk biscuit

  • Roma’s doughnuts with saffron custard cream

  • Sachertorte 

  • Sue’s coffee and pecan biscuits

  • Victoria sponge with strawberries and white chocolate cream

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